7 Steps to Owning a Business

7 Steps to business ownership

Finding the right type of business can be a daunting task. With thousands of options and an internet full of research and opinions it can be so overwhelming that many people don’t make it through the process.

In my many years of working in large corporations, my specialty was streamlining financial and budget processes and reports. This saved hundreds of hours and frustration for many people in all areas of the company. I was able to look at the whole picture as well as all the parts that made it up and try to simplify it so that it didn’t seem as difficult of a project or task. This was done through using various systems, computer applications, and forms.

There are many tasks in our lives that can be cumbersome if we don’t have a process in place. Just think of the times you go to the grocery store because you are hungry and want something to eat. When I do this on the spur of the moment I usually end up with a lot of junk food. However, if I eat first, think about what our family wants to eat for meals, and then make a list, my experience at the grocery store is much better.

In looking for a business, using a process oriented approach is also very important, without it, there is just too many places to get stuck and lost. The attached infographic shows 7 steps to owning a business.
Step 1: Contact Us (franchise broker)
Step 2: Consultation
Step 3: Research
Step 4: Recommendations
Step 5: Introduction to Franchisor
Step 6: Discover Day
Step 7: Own a Successful Business

This process helps a prospective buyer to stay on task, be organized, and not to feel overwhelmed. Best of all a good process can lead to successful business ownership.

For more information call or email Mike Shelton at mshelton@FranchiseInfo4You.com or 615-301-8716.

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