Are You On Track For Your Top 5 Lifestyle Goals?

How Do You Plan to Reach Your Lifestyle Goals?

Lifestyle Goals graphicIf you were to make a list of your Lifestyle Goals, what would be on it? Would you include financial security, friendships, good health, travel, and happiness? And, how would you prioritize that list?  Me? I would put good health on the top of the list. You can meet all of your other Lifestyle Goals if you have good health.

Think about it – if you have to spend a lot of money on your health, your financial security is going down the river. And, it’s taking your ability to travel (and have fun doing it) along as a passenger. How can you maintain close friendships if all of your time and money is spent on doctor visits? So, it’s agreed – you’ll do all the right things so you can meet your other Lifestyle Goals.

Next, let’s talk about financial security. You’ve got a plan, right? But, do you have a Plan B? A friend of mine had this great job, accrued vacation and sick leave, and a defined benefits plan. Her plan was to work until she’s at least 55 years old. Her husband also had a great job. So, Plan A was working well. Then she developed a chronic pain condition which put the kibosh on working eight hours a day (it’s hard to function well on pain medication – would YOUR boss let you take an afternoon nap – EVERY DAY?) Now there’s only one income coming in. Nothing else has changed – everyone still wants to eat. So, time to figure out Plan B, so you can maintain your Lifestyle Goals.

In her case, Plan B was working for a franchise (once she got her pain under control.) She still had skills from her previous career that could be used and expanded upon. A little adjustment to the original financial plan and she’s succeeding with her other Lifestyle Goals of friendship, traveling and happiness.

Make a list of your top 5 Lifestyle Goals and then flesh it out on how you’re going to make it happen. Keep your list in front of you to help you keep on track. Maybe you’ve heard of “The Secret?” Well, it never hurts to put positive thoughts (and plans) out to the Universe.

Whether your call it financial security or financial freedom, that’s a Lifestyle Goal with which I can assist you. Visit me at FranchiseInfo4you or call me at (859) 866-3349. You can email me too at; I’d love to hear from you; I can help you score your Lifestyle Goals.


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