Copying someone else’s success

Copying someone else’s success

Is it right to copy someone else s success? My step-brother and I are only 5 months apart, so all throughout high school we were in the same grade together.  This made for some good-natured competition in our classes.  We were both good students and usually tried to outdo the other one in our assignments and grades.  During our senior year we both had the same advanced English class in which we had a paper that was due.  I researched and worked hard on it all week.  The night before it was to be turned in my brother asked to see my paper.  I figure at this point, he must have been done with his, so there was no harm.  I didn’t think anything else about it.  The next day we handed in the papers.

Sometime in the following week our teacher began to hand back our graded papers. In the middle of handing them back he mentioned that he came across a really good paper and was high impressed and so gave it an A.  However, something very peculiar happened and later in his stack of papers, he somehow came across the exact same paper.  He figured since it was the same paper, he couldn’t very well give both of them an A.  He then called my brother and me to his desk.  He told us that the paper was very good, but that obviously one of us copied the other paper. He gave us the option of either the right person stepping forward and telling the truth and getting the “A”, while the other would get an “F”, or that we could share the grade and both get a “C”.  Somehow I was the “nice” brother that day, and we shared the “C” even though I had done all the work.  Of course I gave my brother a good lecture afterwards about how stupid he was to copy my paper word for word.

In the case above, copying was bad; however, in the process of buying a business, copying is good.  This really comes into play with a franchise concept.  Someone out there has worked hard to build a business, created a strong brand/name, then duplicated it successfully, and subsequently created training, marketing, operations manuals, and support, and the best part is they WANT you to COPY it.  In this case it isn’t a bad thing.  It actually helps you from making all the mistakes they made when they started.  It puts you so far ahead of someone who starts a business from scratch.

Franchises exists in dozens of categories (home senior care, business to business, fitness, retail, children’s related, automotive, printing, sports, etc.) are available in home based and retail concepts for anywhere from a $20,000 to $1,000,000 total investment.

For more information on the benefits of franchising call us at Franchise Info 4 You at 615-301-8716 or go to our website at  We give you information support and guidance in the process of successful business ownership. Remember it’s not a bad thing to copy a successful, proven concept.  That’s what a franchise is!

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