Finance Executive to Franchise Broker

A little over a year ago, I made the official change from 25 years of working for other companies in various financial executive and management positions, to being able to give back to people some of the knowledge I have gained over this time period.  As a franchise broker I will be working FREE for my clients in giving them information, support, and guidance, in preparing them for successful business ownership.

I am excited to be able to help others reach their dreams and desires in the important decision of business ownership.  The thing that I really enjoyed and drove me in my corporate life was setting up processes that helped others do things easier.  I bring this same approach to helping others research and buy a franchise.

What types of things make your current job enjoyable?  What drives you each day?


3 thoughts on “Finance Executive to Franchise Broker

  1. John Kinney
    on said:

    First, congratulations, and I’m sure you will be a success and help many people. If you haven’t, I would like to see you get with There are many people that might try their own franchise, if only they had some idea where to begin.

    • I would love to do a short presentation/workshop on what franchising is, why it is a good alternative for certain people, various ways of funding it, and how the process works. It would be no selling or pushing my services, just an informative session on another option for people looking for work.

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