Jump in all the way; opening a new business

I remember as a young man in High School, traveling up to Lake Tahoe, from Carson City, NV many times in the summer to cool off.  One of the things we did was to jump in all the way.  That meant standing on some rocks and jumping straight into the water without feeling it first.  Now for those of you who haven’t been in Lake Tahoe before, it stays cold all year long.  It is very clear and most often you can see the bottom when you are beginning to jump.  Some of us jumped from 10 feet up, while some went further up the rocks and jumped dozen of feet into the water.  As soon as we left the rock however we were committed; there was no going back at this point. As the saying goes, we had to sink or swim.

In owning a new business sometimes you just have to jump all the way in.  You can investigate, research, worry, and plan, but at some point, if you want to change your lifestyle, and you really want to be your own boss, you just have to jump in.  Depending on your circumstances you may take a shorter jump into a smaller businesses, or if you are really ready to make a go at it, you might take a larger leap.  Whichever way you go however, you must be committed at that point to give it all you got.  Mid leap you can’t change your mind and go back.  It’s all ahead of you from that point.

This is what is so great about buying a franchise business, because you don’t have to take the leap yourself, you have an entire team going at it with you.  You have years of processes, experiences, and training to help you succeed.  When i jumped into Lake Tahoe, there were older boys who had done it before, they would warn us of dangerous places, and make sure we knew the best places to jump.  This gave us the best chance for a fun and successful jump.  A franchise does this for business owners.  There is a lot of work today, but you have people committed to your success on your side pointing you in the right direction. This gives you a much better chance to swim rather than sink.

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