Operational Excellence in a new Business?

The lure of business ownership is strong, the benefits are numerous and almost entirely unmatched in a traditional employment scenario.  But, many times, would-be entrepreneurs are discouraged by the potential failure, risks and fear of going it alone, and not knowing if they’re going to be successful or how to get there.

Franchising is the solutions for someone (maybe that’s you?) with these concerns.  A franchise concept provides support, a plan, guidance and a glimpse into the success rates of the current and former franchisees.

So how does Franchising achieve operational excellence?   Franchisors know that offering potential Franchisees a business plan is of great value and they also know that in order to provide said business plan, there’s endless amounts of time and energy put into perfecting their brand.  According to the Institute of Operational Excellence, operational excellence is,  “is applied to every level and every person in the organization, from executives all the way down to the employees producing the product. It’s clear, concise, practical and, most importantly, actionable and teachable.  Everyone in the organization “gets it.”  They know that, in their respective areas, there should be a visible flow of product or information. They should be able to recognize if that flow is normal or abnormal and what to do if it is abnormal, all without requiring the assistance of management”.

How does this affect your future Franchise business?  You’ve had Franchisors plan, research, develop, implement and test the business model they sell.  So in fact, you are buying into a system that has been tested to prove that the business model has achieved operational excellence.  How do we know the Franchise has achieve operational excellence?  Just have a look at the financials of current and past Franchisee’s; if there is consistent profit, there’s operational excellence.

Contact us today to get more information on some Franchises that we feel have achieved operational excellence!  Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.  

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