Someone said, “Sometimes you need to look at life from a different perspective”.  Getting perspective on something can be difficult at times. Sometimes we are so caught in our own little world, that it is hard to see the big picture.  I have seen it in business and in people’s lives.

Last week I was visiting with my brother in Utah.  He had me make a small climb up a hill behind the state capital building called Ensign Peak.  Now I don’t know if it was the altitude or the fact that my brother is 12 years younger than me, but I had to rest a lot more times than he did.  In fact I was sweating and breathing quite hard by the time i got there.

The view from the peak however as amazing.  We overlooked the entire Salt Lake Valley.  We could see for miles and miles in all directions.  He pointed landmarks out to me; both natural and man made.  I could see the straight streets run for miles north and south.  It suddenly all made sense.  When I was on the ground driving around, It was difficult to understand where all the cities were in relation to the Great Salt Lake, the Rocky Mountains, and The Oquirrh Mountains.  However, now I could see it all like a giant map laid out in front of me.  It was thrilling!

In life and business many times we are on the ground level trying to understand how we fit in to the whole, or how we work around a problem.  I have seen some of my employees or co-works so caught up in their piece of the project, that they did it all wrong.  Once they stepped back and looked at it from a new perspective they knew better where they fit in to the whole picture.

As people live their lives, work for someone else, or start their own business, there are times when a fresh perspective makes things make more sense.  Whether it is climbing a mounting, talking to someone else, looking at a problem differently, or taking a break, we need to take times in our lives that help us to gain a better perspective on things.

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