The long road or the short business ownership?

The long road or the short business ownership?

The long road or the short road; Which one would you rather take to business ownership?

About 10 years ago while living in Oregon our family took a trip to the Oregon coast.  We visited the city of Tillamook; known for its cheese and ice cream factory. After a fun day walking along the coast and touring the factory we decided to head back home; a drive of about 2 1/2 hours.  Since we were new in Oregon I decided to take a different road home than we took there, so that we could see more of the countryside.  I looked at a map (we didn’t have a GPS in those days) and saw a road that would fit our needs. After about 30 minutes we came across a “road closed” sign that didn’t make me very happy.  Off to the side looked like a smaller road.  I figured it would just take us around the road closed sign and we would be back on our trip.

Unfortunately the long road just became more narrow and went from pavement to gravel to dirt.  We figured out we were on a very narrow logging road with no way to turn around.  It began to get dark and my wife and kids began to worry. We went around turns and came across other smaller roads but didn’t seem to be getting anywhere.  Finally we saw a man standing in fatigues with a hunting bow in his hand.  I’ve got to admit I became a little nervous, but we asked him for directions.  He pointed out the way for us.  Just a little further on we needed to turn and then it would take us back out to a paved road.  We followed the paved road for awhile.  Then after 2 1/2 hours we found ourselves back in the exact town we had started from; still far from our home.  We had driven in a big circle.

At that point we decided the best way back home was the proven and tried method and road that we had taken to get there.  Finally, safely but tired, we got back home late that evening.

Looking into starting a new business can have similar results.  We can try it ourselves, and most likely end up lost, going in circles, frustrated, and not getting anywhere.  Or, you can follow the proven and tried path that someone else has already gone down.  Learning from others mistakes and utilizing their methods, training, processes, and concepts.

A franchise system!  A franchise lets you go into business for yourself, but not by yourself.  There is a lot less chance of getting lost or going in circles. Owning a business is hard enough when everything goes right; there is stress and excitement and lots of time needed, why not give yourself the best chance for success by following the map and taking the most direct path.

We at Franchise Info 4 You also have a system and process in place to help you to successful business ownership.

  • Step 1: Contact Us
  • Step 2: Consultation
  • Step 3: Research
  • Step 4: Recommendations
  • Step 5: Introduction to Franchisor
  • Step 6: Discovery Day
  • Step 7: Own A Successful Business

Don’t wander around and never get to your goal of business ownership. Would you rather take the long road or the short road? Contact us today at 615-301-8716 or visit  Let us help you take the most direct path to successful business ownership!


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