Top 10 Franchises in 2014

Top 10 Franchises in 2014

Top 10 Franchises in 2014 – Franchises For Sale

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Entrepreneur Magazine has once again released its top 10 franchises handpicked selections for 2014. These are primarily based on the financial stability of the franchise as well as a positive growth outlook for the future. All in all, the best franchise for you may still not be on this list, as the ideal choice ultimately remains very personal for a large number of reasons. Nevertheless, let’s examine some of these choices to discover what makes a great franchise and why some places such as “Subway” seem to make the top 10 list almost every year.

Top 10 Franchises - Franchise Info 4 You#1 Anytime Fitness

With the growing number of Americans engaged in sport and specialized training programs as a way of combating obesity and lack of physical activity, the #1 selection out of 500 franchises was Anytime Fitness. Sure enough, the membership rates at this popular club are staggering with over 1.9 million members nationwide. However, what has made Anytime Fitness truly unique is its focus on excellent customer service and 24-hour availability, where people are continuously pushed to challenge their limits.

top-10-franchises-hampton-inn-logo-franchise-info-4-you#2 Hampton Hotels

Hampton hotels are the newest International arrivals in the franchise business with more and more locations being opened up worldwide. They cater primarily to the business crowd offering a wide range of services designed to make the lives of business people easier, such as free WiFi, conference opportunities, excellent value and great breakfasts.

top-10-franchises-subway-logo-franchise-info-4-you#3 Subway
As more and more people decide to take great health into their own hands, Subway has dominated the sandwich franchise industry, with a focus on low-fat sandwiches that use only the freshest ingredients. It continues to be one of the fastest growing franchises in the entire industry.


top-10-franchises-supercuts-logo-franchise-info-4-you#4 Supercuts

In 1975, they started out as a tiny shop in the Albany, CA and have since grown into a large chain of stores all over the country as result of targeting the many multiunit franchisees that have helped them open over a hundred new branches in 2013 alone. Their main claim to fame is their excellent training program offered all throughout the country by professional trainers.

top-10-franchises-jimmy-johns-logo-franchise-info-4-you#5 Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches
These stores seemed to pop up all over the place out of nowhere thanks to upbeat customer service and exception food quality. Over 2000 units have opened up since 2002.


top-10-franchises-7-eleven-logo-franchise-info-4-you#6 7-Eleven
It seems like the whole world knows about 7-eleven and its presence as one of America’s top convenience stores. The catchy name is certainly a bonus and they have since expanded to offer low cost lunches and a fantastic hot-food menu.


top-10-franchises-servpro-logo-franchise-info-4-you#7 Servpro
Restoration companies are no longer a dime in a dozen after the wake of the many disasters that have occurred in recent years such as flooding. Servpro has proudly become a national sponsor for Red Cross, which has only increased its reputation as a prime provider of restoration services.


top-10-franchises-dennys-logo-franchise-info-4-you#8 Denny’s
Their catchy motto as “America’s Diner” has helped them to become the place to hangout for families all across the country and beyond. Today, their cheap menus that can be easily customized are still a hit and will continue to be for many years.


top-10-franchises-pizza-hut-logo-franchise-info-4-you#9 Pizza Hut
Food scientists have truly come up with some amazing pizza recipes over the years, and the hundreds of restaurants being added each year in various locations across the globe should not be taken lightly!


top-10-franchises-dunkin-donuts-logo-franchise-info-4-you#10 Dunkin’ Donuts
A truly international brand in every way, Dunkin’s Donuts continues to impress anyone looking for that quick sugar fix in the morning together with their coffee. With more than 60 years of experience in the industry, they are poised to become #1 as a representation of the entire franchise industry.

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