What Does a Franchise Broker Do All Day?

What does a franchise broker do all day?

Through the years, as I have worked in both large and small companies, my children have always asked me “Daddy, what do you do?”.  some of my jobs have been easier to explain than others.  Their favorite was when I worked for a large video rental corporation as their Director of Finance.  I was able to bring home free movies. They didn’t care what I did then, as long as the movies kept coming!

Now they are older, and so it is easier to explain to them what I do, but what I do is also very simple, The short answer is that I help people fulfill their dreams of business ownership!

Now to be honest, the day isn’t all fun and games.  Behind every good conversation with a lead or client, a franchise broker does a lot of research.

  • Research on the Franshisor:  There are thousands of different franchise concepts available.  Many are great,proven concepts, however some are not.  I spend part of my day doing research on current franchisors that we represent as well as others that we don’t.  I look at their FDD(Franchise Disclosure document), talk to current franchisees, talk to the franchisor, and do independent research on my own.  This helps me to feel comfortable in presenting a concept to a client. 
  • Research in the industry:  Laws, technology, and trends continue to change.  I try and keep abreast of these changes in the franchising world to be able to guide my clients through any changes in the marketplace. 
  • Social Media Marketing:  I spend a few minutes of each day on facebook, twitter, G+, Linked In, and my website searching for interesting information to pass on, making sure everyone is aware of my services, and writing blogs like these. This helps to keep my potential clients informed as to where to go to get information for buying a franchise. 
  • Webinars:  A good franchise broker is continually learning.  Usually a few times a week I am listening to a webinar of either one of our franchisors, a legal or marketing update, or a weekly meeting with the Franchise Broker’s Association, that I belong to.  This keeps me up to speed on everything that i need to know and do to be the best franchise broker possible. 
  • Networking:  A like to spend a portion of my week in local business, chamber, or other networking meetings.  This allows me to talk to others about my business and see what i can do to help them in their business. 
  • Talking to Clients on the phone:  I have to admit, this is the most enjoyable part of my day.  As a franchise broker, my goal is to help others successfully own their own business.  As I talk to them on the phone I develop a relationship with them, in which I can be their friend through the franchise buying process.  The tools and information I have access to helps me to help them. As a franchise broker I save them time, energy, and potential frustration. 

Now you know what a Franchise Broker does all day!  If you would like me to help you with your search for franchise information and ultimately to own a business, call me at 615-301-8716, or email me at mshelton@franchiseinfo4you.com.  You can also check out our website at www.FranchiseInfo4You.com.  There is information about our services, funding information, and a franchise search tool.  All my services are FREE to you.

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