Why? A great question to ask when evaluating owning a business

Why? A great question to ask when evaluating owning a business

Many of us have heard our kids ask “Why?” on a seemingly endless basis sometimes. ” Why do I have to eat my vegetables’?  ‘Why is the sky blue”? ” Why do we have to go to the store?”  This is how small children learn, by asking the why, when, where, what, and how questions.  Though i must admit it got annoying sometimes with my kids when they were little, now I understand it is part of the learning process.  Of course, now that they are older its more like, “Why can’t I take your car?” or “Why do i have to clean my room?”

In buying or starting your own business the process is the same.  Many people each year go into business for themselves for the first time.  They are like little children in terms of the business world, and just like children learning through questions, a new potential business owner learns through asking questions also.  Its important to find out all you can about a potential business before you buy in to it.  Don’t be afraid to ask Questions! Now is the time.

As my clients talk to me, potential franchisors, or other franchisees I expect them, and even encourage them to ask questions.  You won’t know until you ask!

At Franchise Info 4 You, we provide a list of questions to ask a potential franchisor or franchisee; important questions to the franchisor like “What are the long term goals of this franchise?”, “How are disputes between franchisor and franchisee settled?”, or to a franchisee “Was the training the franchisor offered helpful?” or “Are there any trends in the industry that might change my mind about buying this franchise?”.

We have dozens of questions like this already laid out for our clients to use.

Contact us today to start your process of business ownership.  Why?  Well, let’s talk about it.

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